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Free Reward from Criminal Case Game

Criminal Case Free Items

We are Promoting Our Game and Giving away FREE Energy, But You can only Get if you Follow all steps Below. 
We are giving Burgers, Chips, Orange Juice. If you get lucky you even claim complete meal
To receive your rewards for today you have to complete all steps below
Step1 : Share it on facebook with your friends : 

Step 2 : Click on all the like buttons below :

Step 3 : Subscribe us on facebook : 

Step 4: Copy and paste the below code , in pages listed below!

Note: Don’t paste this code anywhere in facebook you will get the reward only if you paste this code in the pages given below:

Here are list of fanpages where you can post


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Checking for completion

If you think you are seeing Checking for Completion as an error, Don’t Take Tension , If you believe that you did all the steps below, Click the claim now button below :)

Now you’re done! << FREE Complete Meal!


Latest Comments (Comments)

Thank you criminal case for this great opportunity !
Great it worked like charm
Sweet thank you so much for free criminal case cash !
Cant believe it does work for me thanks alot someone shared this page on my wall
another freebies from criminal case thanks i got it already
wooohoo i have total of 543 criminal case cash
cant thank you enough i already got it
Help i cant redeem my 500 cash ! please how to i get mine?
Hey there first of all make sure you did all steps i didnt get my cash before because i skip step 2, but now i got it after another try hope that helps
omg i got it
awesome !!! freeeee


  1. thank you criminal case

  2. c’est cool

  3. Why done it say i already claimed my reward because i haven’t done anything yet , i didn’t . Whats wrong with it :(

  4. cacildis, num deu nadis… prepagamdja inganolzas;;;

  5. it is a best game ever

  6. aws0m yarrrr

  7. are mujhe energy kha mila…

  8. israel ullauri

    gracias :)

  9. merciiiiiiii

  10. Great ! Thanks

  11. awesome

  12. thanx

  13. Thank you Criminal Case will come in handy!

  14. how can i post that link in fan page

  15. friends, please tell me anyone

    how can i post that link in fan page

  16. grt………… i am loving it

  17. best games … i hv ever played

  18. says i already got no come on i luv this game

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